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African Dream Root

African Dream Root

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Silene undulata (Xhosa: iindlela zimhlophe—"white ways/paths", also known as Silene capensis, and African dream root) is a plant native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

  • Silene capensis is regarded by the Xhosa tribe as a sacred herb and an oneirogenic agent - a substance that causes lucid, vivid dreams, noticeably in colour and vibrancy.
  • The root is traditionally used to induce vivid (and according to the Xhosa, prophetic) lucid dreams during the initiation process of shamans.
  • A small amount of the root is pulverised with water to produce a white froth.
  • This froth is then sucked off and swallowed.
  • The user's dreams for the following several nights are said to be more vivid and memorable than usual.
  • It is regarded across the world as one of the most powerful of the dream enhancing ethno botanical plants.