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Garden Quartz (Lodolite) Sphere*

Garden Quartz (Lodolite) Sphere*

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1.33” and 44 grams* 


Often called Lodolite, Lodalite, or Garden Quartz, Inclusion Quartz has a beautiful vibration and can be very useful with healing. Inclusion Quartz is basically Clear Quartz with inclusions, which can include Hematite, Feldspar, Chlorite and many other minerals that are green, cream, red, orange, and other colors. Looking into one, you get the sense of looking onto a garden landscape.

Inclusion Quartz (Lodolite) has a fantastic healing vibration - the wonderful qualities of Clear Quartz plus the additional vibrations of its inclusions. The Clear Quartz amplifies the vibration of the inclusions. Inclusion Quartz aides in emotional healing by releasing past-life trauma or early childhood memories that may have caused fear or stress. Meditating with Inclusion Quartz brings soothing guidance from spirit guides.

Clear Quartz is the "Stone of Power" and can help to amplify any energy or intention. Clear Quartz is also called the "Master Healer" and with the presence of the inclusions, this Quartz has wonderful healing abilities.


CRYSTAL NAME: Inclusion Quartz (Lodolite)
ALTERNATE STONE NAME: Lodolite, Garden Quartz
PRONUNCIATION: in-CLUE-shun kwarts
ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: All Astrological Signs, Aquarius (January 20 to February 18), Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)
COLOR: Clear
RARITY: Uncommon
MINERAL CLASS: Silicates Mineral Class
CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Trigonal Crystal System
HARDNESS: 7 Hardness
CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: SiO2, Silicon Dioxide with Impurities
PHYSICAL: AIDS/HIV, Burns, Heartburn, Immune System Strengthening and Support, Kidney Disorders and Health, Memory Health, Pain Relief, Pineal Gland, Thyroid Balance and Health, Vertigo
EMOTIONAL: Acceptance, Emotional Balance, Emotional Healing, Emotional Stabilizing, Friendship, Harmony, Joy, Perseverance, Reducing Stress or Tension
SPIRITUAL: Affirmation Statements, Amplifying, Angels/Archangels and Angelic Realm, Communication and Connecting with Higher Self, Connecting and Communicating with Spirit Guides, Connecting with Higher Realms, Connecting with Inner Child, Earth Healing, Humility, Increase Consciousness, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Guidance, Unity