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Noreena Jasper, Tumbled

Noreena Jasper, Tumbled

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A silicified mudstone, Noreena Jasper who is conceived to be an autochthon of nature’s earth is solely extracted out from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The locale from where it pulls out is said to situate near the mining town of iron ore of Newman and is nearly 700 miles north of the capital of Perth. It is renowned for its nonfigurative patterns of rusty red or somewhat mustard yellow along with cream tints. Noreena is gaining adulation for its mending eminence, as it empowers its carrier to feel linked with the electromagnetic vibes of the nature, Earth. Noreena is conceived to permit its carrier to employ the optimistic, constructive vigour of the nature so as to augment the carrier’s willpower along with the focus. Noreena Jasper is conceived to prop up the ageless life as well as the tenacity to accept the changes which life offers to its carrier. Further, it is conceived to help its carrier to seek the new experiences which life unfolds in the front of its carrier. It is a jewel boulder that allows its carrier to develop the natural instinct which helps him to take decisions in a right way.  Noreena Jasper is a pelite and composed of iron formation rock that banded as well as often shows the idiosyncratic bands of nugget Jasper also to limestone. Further, known to be a million-year-old jewel boulder, it is extracted out in the tints of red that is due to the presence of iron in the rock. When this rock breaks into bony portions, then this Noreena tends to bulge out the astonishing geometrical patterns. Noreena Jasper is highly conceived to be entitled to acquire the eternal flame of the countless vivacity present in the aura. Known for its individuality, it is a jewel boulder of imagination which in turn opens prophesy of its carrier vision. Further, it is conceived to counsel its carrier to take the second opinion of its natural instinct. The grounding eminence of this Noreena is like all other varieties of jasper. It is acknowledged to provide a protective shield to its carrier and save him from the uncertainties of the lifespan. The eerie capability of this gem nugget is conceived to stir the imagination of its carrier that in turn helps him to brace his ability of creativity or creative thinking. Noreena Jasper lends its carrier the potential to achieve the highest meditative state by travelling to the path of spiritualism. Further, it is whispered to be effective for dream work as it teaches its carrier to cherish originality, ingenuity and pursue his reveries. In the traditions, Noreena Jasper is highly conceived for its vibrancy furthermore endurance, as it considers as a promoter of justice in the span of life. On physical planes, it is believed to increase the fertility in the females as well as help to overcome the impotence in males. Further, Noreena is conceived to be a courageous nugget that helps to stir up the pulse of its carrier and, also, staunches the flow of blood from the wounds. In today’s world, it is too believed to calm down the emotional torso of its carrier through its steady frequencies. Further, it is too conceived to stabilize the life’s vivacities by ameliorating the overall torso of its carrier that includes the mending of emotional, physical as well as mental illness. It is too conceived to infuse the capability in its holder’s torso to rectify the mistakes done in the past. The energies, as well as the vibes of this Noreena Jasper hues, are termed to trigger the Solar Plexus Chakra along with the Root Chakra. These activated chakras then conceived to raise the kundalini energy of its carrier that in turn cleanses the aura. Further, it is whispered to strengthen as well as substantiate the intellectual capability so as to restore the sexual drive as well as to manifest the creativity in the ideas.


Properties for Stone: Noreena Jasper
Primary Chakra: Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra 
Crystal System: 
Chemical Composition: 
Astrological Sign: 
Numerical Vibration: 6
Hardness: 7
Color: brown, red, yellow, beige 
Location: Australia 
Rarity: Common
Pronunciation: no-ree-na
Mineral Class: 
Issues and Ailments (Physical):


Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):