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Water Element

Water is associated with the West. 

Water is associated with Fall.

Water is associated with sunset.    

   Day(s): Monday and Friday

Water Elemental(s): Undines. 

Magical tool(s): The Chalice.

Tarot: The suit of Cups, The High Priestess, The Lovers, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, and The Moon.

The astrological sign(s): Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Planet(s): The Moon and Neptune 

The Archangel of the west and the water: Gabriel       

Runes: Uruz, Gebo, Hagalaz, Isa, Pethro, Ehwaz, Laguz, and Dagaz

 Herbs Associated with the Element of Water

African Violet  Aloe  Apple  Apricot  Aster  Avocado
Balm of Gilead  Banana  Bedstraw  Belladonna  Birch  Blackberry
Bladderwrack  Bleeding Heart  Blue Flag (Iris)  Boneset  Buchu
Buckthorn  Burdock  Cabbage  Camellia  Camphor  Cardamon  Catnip
Chamomile  Cherry  Chickweed  Coconut  Coltsfoot
Columbine  Comfrey  Cowslip  Crocus  Cucumber  Cyclamen
Daffodil  Daisy  Datura  Dittany of Crete  Dulse  Elder
Elm  Eucalyptus  Feverfew  Foxglove  Gardenia  Gourd
Grape  Heather  Hellebore  Heliotrope  Hemlock
Hemp  Henbane  Hibiscus  Huckleberry  Hyacinth  Hyssop
Indian Paintbrush  Jasmine  Kava-Kava  Lady's Mantle  Lady's Slipper
Larkspur  Lemon  Lemonbalm  Lettuce  Licorice  Lilac  Lily  Lobelia
Lotus  Maidenhair  Mallow  Mimosa  Moonwort  Morning Glory  
Mosses, all  Myrrh  Myrtle  Orchid  Pansy  Papaya  Passion Flower
Peach  Pear  Periwinkle  Persimmon  Plum  Poplar  Poppy  Purslane
Ragwort  Raspberry  Rose  Sandalwood  Scullcap  Skunk Cabbage  Spearmint
Spikenard  Strawberry  Sugar Cane  Sweetpea  Tamarind  Tansy  Thyme
Tomato  Tonka  Trillium  Valerian  Vanilla  Violet
Willow  Wintergreen  Yew

Gems and Stones Associated with the Element of Water

 Blue Lace Agate  Amethyst  Aquamarine  Azurite
Beryl  Calcite(blue, green, pink)  Chalcedony  Chrysocolla
Coral  Holey Stones  Jade  Kunzite  Lapis  Lepidolite  Malachite
Moonstone  Mother of Pearl  Pearl  Rhodocrosite  Sapphire
Selenite  Sugilite  Tourmaline(blue, green, pink)

Creatures Associated with Water

All creatures that live in or on the water,
Water Dragons, Mermaids