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Craft and Conjure Good Juju with Najah Lightfoot Workshop

Craft and Conjure Good Juju with Najah Lightfoot Workshop

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The practice of folk magick, Hoodoo, spells and Witchcraft is a lifelong adventure, one that can take the novice as well as the seasoned practitioner down many roads. Some roads will take you to your desired destination while others may take you down the rabbit hole of divine mystery.

How can one stay steady as they walk the path of Witch, Conjurer or Seeker? How can they lay a foundation of good juju as they practice the magickal arts?

In this class we will spend time discussing rites, rituals and practices one can use on a daily basis to keep their mind, body and spirit strong, and the good juju flowing….

Be prepared to stretch your body and take notes. We will cover the benefits of journaling, learning and practicing a daily morning ritual which includes ancestor acknowledgement, prayers for your loved ones and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (taught as I perform it) as well as how to stay lighthearted as you navigate the waters of magickal realms. I also share a bit about my relationship with the Divine Marie Laveau and my journey into the sacred religion of Vodou.

Book Signing from 6:30-7:00
Class from 7:00-8:00
Najah Lightfoot is an initiated member of La Source Ancienné Ounfó, a private Vodou society in New Orleans, Louisiana, a sister-priestess of the Divine Feminine, and an active member of the Denver Pagan Community.

She keeps her magick strong through the practice of Kung Fu, the folk magick of Hoodoo, Pagan rituals and her belief in the Mysteries of the Universe. She finds inspiration in movies, music, and the blue skies of Colorado. Najah Lightfoot is also a regular contributing author to the Llewellyn Almanac series.

Learn to better express your spirituality, follow your inner compass, and build up your magical practice with this book's powerful spells, rituals, and tools. Designed to help you navigate whatever ups and downs life throws your way, Good Juju is your perfect choice for learning to embrace nature, the old ways, and the magic all around you.

Using simple magickal practices that don't interfere with any religions, Good Juju helps you lay a foundation for daily ritual practice. You'll also learn how to craft mojos, create and work with altars, tune in to your intuition, and much more. Author Najah Lightfoot guides you in keeping your mind, body, and spirit strong as you discover your magical work and align with your high power.