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Figwort - Organic

Figwort - Organic

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Folk Names: Carpenter's Square, Rosenoble, Throatwort, Deilen Ddu, Herbe du Siege, Kernelwort
Gender: Feminine  Planet: Venus  Element: Water 
Astrological Primary: Libra, Taurus
Astrological Secondary: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Goddesses: N/A
Gods: N/A
Powers: Health, Protection

Magickal: Hung from the neck, the figwort keeps the wearer healthy and protects against the evil eye.  The Irish called it Rose Noble and hung it to smoke and dry beside Summer Solstice fires. 

Medical: The family Scrophulara comprises about 200 species of herbaceous flowering plants that are commonly called figwort. It is found throughout the northern hemisphere, as well as having concentrations in Asia. The name Scrophulara comes from scrofula, a form of tuberculosis. Figwort is a course, erect perennial with thick square fleshy stems and green or purple flowers. It thrives in wet and damp places, in open woodland. It is gathered in the summer when it is in bloom. It is a part of the snap dragon family, and is related to mullein, speedwell, and foxglove, among others.