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Palmarosa Oil

Palmarosa Oil

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The therapeutic properties of Palmarosa oil are antiseptic, antiviral, bactericide, cytophylactic, digestive, febrifuge and hydrating.

Palmarosa oil calms the mind, yet has an uplifting effect, while clearing muddled thinking. It is used to counter physical and nervous exhaustion, stress-related problems and nervousness.

It is most useful during convalescence and cools the body of fever, while aiding the digestive system, helping to clear intestinal infection, digestive atonia and anorexia nervosa. It is effective in relieving sore, stiff muscles.

Palmarosa oil moisturizes the skin, while balancing the hydration levels and stimulating cell regeneration. It balances production of sebum, to keep the skin supple and elastic and is valuable for use with acne, dermatitis, preventing scarring, rejuvenating and regenerating the skin, as well as fighting minor skin infections, sore tired feet and athlete's foot.

Palmarosa oil has no known contra indications and is considered a non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing essential oil.

Palmarosa oil has a calming effect on the spirit. It may help relieve nervous tension, clear muddled thinking, alleviate nervous exhaustion and uplift the mood. The calming, grounding fragrance of palmarosa oil is often helpful for people with insecurity or jealousy issues in relationships, or those who have trouble adapting to changes and life transitions. Palmarosa is also used to create mental focus before magic rituals.

Palmarosa oil blends particularly well with geranium, bergamot, rosemary, lime and ylang-ylang.