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Ametrine, Tumbled

Ametrine, Tumbled

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Ametrine is a powerful combination of Amethyst and Citrine, connecting physical and spiritual realms. Ametrine is a very soothing stone, believed to be valuable for those with chronic, long-term diseases. The Amethyst part of Ametrine can help one experience Divine Guidance, while the Citrine aspect allows for this guidance to be assimilated into one’s life.

Ametrine can be used to enhance creativity and learning, and can therefore help those who use it to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems whether work-related or personal. Ametrine combines masculine and feminine energy and helps bring harmony with others.

Many people use Ametrine for stress-relief, and as such, it is optimally placed in areas where one would need it the most, i.e. in an office or cubicle, in the car, in a pocket, or wherever you find yourself under stress. Metaphysically, it is good for opening the Third Eye Chakra.

Ametrine helps to remove negativity from the physical body as well as the auric field, filling the area with the light and energy of love and healing. It will also assist in removing blockages from all bodies (physical, mental, spiritual, etc.).

Properties for Stone: Ametrine
Primary Chakra: Solar-Plexus-Chakra
Secondary Chakra: Crown-Chakra, Third-Eye-Chakra
Crystal System: Trigonal-Crystal-System
Chemical Composition: SiO2 + (Al, Fe, Ca, Ma, Li, Na) Silicon Dioxide with impurities
Astrological Sign: Gemini, Libra
Numerical Vibration: Number-4
Hardness: 7-Hardness
Color: Gold, Lavender, Purple, Yellow
Location: Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, India
Rarity: Uncommon
Pronunciation: am-uh-treen
Mineral Class: Silicates
Issues and Ailments (Physical): AIDS, Alzheimer's, Balance, Circulation, Fatigue, Headache, HIV, Immune-System, Jaundice, Lethargy, Metabolism, Ulcers
Issues and Ailments (Emotional): Anger, Anxiety, Concentration, Confidence, Creative-Expression, Creativity, Decision-Making, Fear, Grief, Motivation, Phobias, Self-Esteem
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual): Astral-Travel, Balance, Clarity, Connecting-with-Higher-Self, Dreams, Higher-Self, Meditation, mental-clarity, Protection, Transformation
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual): Balances-Emotions, Higher-Self