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Wicked Witch Mojo

A note from Dorothy...

This is a project that I've been wanting to take on for a very long time. Why? Because magical sprays have become nearly indispensable in the workings of today's practitioner, and it just seemed a pity that there weren't any sprays perfectly coordinated to the Wicked Witch Mojo line. Developing quality products take time, though. And perfectionist that I am, I refused to offer something that I felt was sub-standard. So...I tested and tweaked - and tweaked and tested - until I was absolutely certain I could not only offer you a line of which I could be proud, but one that I could be positively thrilled about.

While I'm thoroughly convinced they're the most effective sprays money can buy, my opinion doesn't matter nearly as much as yours. I want you to be convinced, too. So give them a shot. See how effectively they make magic happen. Once you do, I've no doubt that you'll be singing their praises as well!
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