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Aries Astrological Spiritual Oil

Aries Astrological Spiritual Oil

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Your Most Likeable traits: Courage, Natural Leader & an Exciting Doer
SYMBOL: The Ram (Assertive, sexual, able to climb to great heights)
Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Dominant Keyword: I AM.
Magical Birthstone: Diamond (Attracts love, financial success, brings luck in new ventures. The diamond is particularly lucky for Aries people when worn on the left side of the body.)
Special Flowers: Geranium, Honeysuckle & Sweet Pea
Special Color: Red (The color of fire and excitement)
Lucky Numbers: 1 & 9
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Part of the body ruled by Aries: The Head

Magical oils are believed to substantially impact your body, house, and life. They are usually made from real herbs, carrier base oil, and essential oils.

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