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Lavender Essential Oil

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 Lavandula angustifolia
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This beautiful Lavender has a rich, full-bodied, deep, sweet aroma.

Lavender has an outstanding balancing and healing effect on the nervous system. Considering that so many illnesses are stress related, Lavender holds a special place in both preventative health care and in the treatment of tension-related illnesses. It offers a soothing and antispasmodic effect that can assist tight muscles, digestive problems, spasmodic coughs, menstrual cramps, insomnia, and tension headaches. Great for restless leg syndrome.

How to Use

Anxiety or Stress -Apply topically by itself or in a carrier oil to the chest, soles of the feet or top of the head to calm agitation or anxiety. Or use aromatically by adding it to a bath.

Allergies -Use topically alone or in a carrier oil on allergic skin reactions or apply to the chest or soles of feet for seasonal allergy.You can also diffuse or inhale for more systemic support.

Appetite (Increase) -Appetite loss due to stress, depression, or illness may be increased by using it aromatically.

Arrhythmia - aromatically or topically to the chest support a steady heartbeat.

Atherosclerosis -Use aromatically or topically over the chest to support heart health.

Blisters and Boils -Apply topically to the site

Breasts -Massage topically to soothe tenderness, swelling, engorgement, etc.

Bug Bites -Apply topically directly to the site. Dilute as needed or to use less (you don't generally need much).

Bug Repellent -Apply topically to the body help repel gnats, mosquitos and midges. Be sure to check out a repellent blend or Arborvitae too!

Burns -Apply directly to the site, or use in a very light, non-greasy carrier such as aloe

Chicken Pox -Used topically over the area, pure lavender oil can help soothe itchy skin and promote faster recovery this viral infection.

Cold Sores -Dilute 1 drop of lavender to 10-15 drops of coconut oil and apply directly to the cold sore. You can also try it undiluted, or use Melissa essential oil or any antiviral oils.

Convulsions -Use topically to help soothe the nervous system and support balance in the body.

Cuts -Apply lavender topically to aid in healing and prevent infection.

Dandruff -Apply topically for its antifungal properties (dandruff is often caused by a fungal/yeast infection) and to soothe dry, irritated skin and balance pH levels on the skin. Also consider other dandruff home remedies here.

Depression (including Postpartum) -Apply topically, diffuse in the air (or inhale directly), or take internally as described above. A blend for depression can also be helpful.

Detox -Use with a carrier oil and massage toward the heart to increase the lymphatic system.

Diabetic Sores -Can assist in preventing gangrene and other infections with is "anti-everything" properties when used topically.

Diaper Rash -Dilute 3-5 drops of lavender oil to 1 TB raw coconut oil. More or less can be used.

Diuretic -Apply topically to the reflex points for the urinary system, over the lower abdomen, and on the soles of the feet.

Dry Lips -Dilute 1-2 drops in 1 tsp of coconut oil and apply to the lips as needed.

Exhaustion -Uses of lavender essential oil topically or aromatically will promote relaxation and restfulness, as well as grounding and balance.

Fever -Can be applied topically to assist the body in fighting infection and increase immune response.

Gangrene -Apply topically to the area of concern to help increase immune response and tissue health.

Gas/Flatulence -Can be taken internally as described above, or applied topically to the entire abdomen in a clockwise motion.

Giardia -Use pure lavender oil topically over the small intestines or take internally to fight parasites.

Grief -Apply topically or use aromatically to assist the grief process and provide a centering, grounding effect on the spirit.

Hair (Dry, Fragile, or Loss) -Use topically on your hair, either added in your shampoo, or add approx. 15-20 drops to 10 oz purified water or coconut oil for hair to soak follicles and scalp.

Hay Fever -Apply topically to the skin (chest or reflex points) to be absorbed into the body, calming the nervous system and increasing the immune response.

Herpes Simplex -Pure lavender oil and its antiviral properties may help outbreaks when used topically. Start small and increase as needed.

Hyperactivity -Diffuse in the air or apply topically to the chest or reflex points of the hands or feet for a calming, grounding effect.

Impetigo -Uses of lavender essential oil include applying topically to impetigo sites to fight infection, soothe skin irritation and aid in healing.

Inflammation -Use topically to soothe inflamed cells, fight infection and promote a faster immune response to healing.

Insomnia -Whether mild or severe, pure lavender oil increases relaxation response of the nervous system when used topically or aromatically. You can also place 1-2 drops on your pillow.

Itching -Whether from an allergic reaction, a big bite or an unknown cause, using lavender topically can help soothe skin.

Mastitis -Dilute 4 drops of oil in 1 tsp of carrier oil and massage gently into breast tissue.

Menopause -Apply topically over the lower abdomen, chest and soles of feet, or diffuse aromatically to assist in balancing hormones.

Mental Stress -Diffuse in the air or apply to the reflex points of the feet (toes and beneath), the chest, and the top of the head.

Mood Swings -Diffuse pure lavender oil in the air or inhale directly for at least 30 seconds as needed.

Pain -Massage several drops into the areas of pain gently. Gentle massage also has the benefit of overriding pain signals to the brain.

Physical Stress -Whether physical exhaustion, overuse, strain or otherwise, gently massage several drops of lavender into the areas of concern.

Poison Ivy/Oak -Apply topically with or without a carrier oil as recommended for your skin

Rashes -Use topically as needed to help prevent infection, decrease itching, increasing soothing and relaxation, and assist the body's healing response.

Rheumatoid Arthritis -Massage into the areas of pain, as needed.

Ringworm -Apply pure lavender oil to the site several times a day until the ringworm clears.

Sedative -Can be used aromatically or topically as a natural sedative.

Seizures -Apply topically to the chest and reflex points on the bottom of feet to help calm the systems of the body.

Skin (Dry, Sensitive, Eczema, Psoriasis, etc) - Apply 1 drop or pure lavender oil directly to the skin. Dilute as needed depending on severity and sensitivity.

Swelling- Apply directly to affected area

Stretch Marks -May help prevent stretch marks, as well as decrease appearance of existing stretch marks. Massage into the skin as desired.

Sunburn -Combine 1-3 drops of pure lavender oil with each teaspoon of pure Aloe Vera and massage into the affected areas.

Tachycardia -Use aromatically and apply to the reflex points of the feet and across chest each day or as desired.

Teeth Grinding -Uses of lavender essential oil include topically across jaw to relax the muscles and promote tension release.

Teething Pain -Apply 1-2 drops to a teaspoon of carrier oil and apply to the gums or outer jawline.

Thrush -Pure lavender oil can help fight the fungus that causes thrush when applied topically. Start with a 1:3 diluted ratio.

Ticks -Apply directly to the site frequently to fight infection, help prevent Lyme disease, and promote healing.

Ulcers (Legs or Varicose) -Apply topically to the site to prevent infection and promote healing.

Vertigo -Use lavender aromatically or topically to help ground and balance.

Wounds (General) -Apply several drops topically as indicated to prevent infections and increase healing.