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Broken Mirror Box

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In witchcraft and magick, broken mirrors are often used in rituals and spells. The shards of a broken mirror are believed to hold the power of reflection and can be used to deflect negative energy and protect against psychic attacks.

Broken mirrors can also be used for scrying, which is the practice of using a reflective surface to see beyond the physical world. By staring into the shards of a broken mirror, a practitioner can gain insight into their past, present, and future.

The Use of Broken Mirrors in Protection Spells
One common use of broken mirrors in witchcraft is for protection spells. The shards of a broken mirror can be used to create a protective barrier around a person or space.

To perform a protection spell using broken mirrors, arrange the shards in a circle or other shape around the person or space you wish to protect. As you arrange the shards, visualize a protective shield forming around the area. You can also add herbs or objects to the spell to enhance its power.

The Use of Broken Mirrors in Scrying
Another popular use of broken mirrors in witchcraft is for scrying. Scrying is the practice of using a reflective surface to see beyond the physical world and gain insight into the past, present, and future.

Casting Instructions for 'Mirror Box Spell (Return to sender)

Write the person's name on the paper 3 times. If you do not know the name of the person or people write "Return To Sender" 3 times instead
Place the paper in the box with the words facing up.

Now is the time to add your herb or herbs of your choice.

Now add your petition to return all negativity back to whomever is sending you negative energy.

Now burn a black candle on top, I like 6" candles. 

Take your box and bury it at a cemetery. If you cannot bury it in a cemetery, bury it somewhere away from your home where it will not be disturbed. As a last resort, if all else fails then you can place it somewhere in a garage or storage space as long as it is out of sight. 

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