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Back to School Stone Bag

Back to School Stone Bag

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Back to school crystal set:

 Black Obsidian- Black Obsidian is an extremely protective stone, helping to ward off bad energies and to keep yourself cleansed. You'll find most black stones are great for protection. Going back to school, whether elementary, high school, or college, you are going to be around a lot of people. Sometimes their energies fade off onto you. It's easy to hold onto other people’s energies and vibrations, maybe without even realizing it.

Carnelian- Much like how carnelian looks, it is a very fiery stone. It's a stone of passion! Carnelian is the best for keeping your spirits up and giving you a zest for life! This can be helpful for staying energized during those early mornings. It can give you that extra boost of creativity you need for a project! It is amazing for promoting vitality and drive to get things done and do them well.

Fluorite- Whether you get a nice green piece of it or a mix from green to blue to purple, it is an amazing stone. Fluorite is one of the best stones for improving concentration. It helps you absorb new topics and stay on track (which is perfect for those big study sessions or daily tasks). Sometimes it is hard to stay focused and we need that boost of mental clarity, and that's where fluorite comes in. It is also great for helping make decisions, and in school, you will probably have a lot of them! (Outside of school, you'll have a lot of them too). Fluorite is amazing at helping with decisiveness and keeping you calm while dealing with difficult tasks.

Sodalite- It is helpful for young minds to socialize and build friendships. It promotes effective communication. This crystal also stimulates the intellect and provides for fellowship, solidarity, and a common goal and purpose within a group. It’s a great back to school crystal for group presentations.

Tiger’s Eye- Tiger’s Eye will give you confidence and optimism – great for the first day of school! It’s also a good stone to ground yourself with when you feel spacey and need to focus.

Howlite-It has a soothing energy that promotes memory and knowledge while reducing stress and anxiety. This can prove useful when studying for an exam or when in the throes of a difficult test, and it can significantly help students who suffer from test anxiety.

Citrine-This crystal is all about personal power and growth. The vibrations and energy that is shared with the world promote success, so having this near you when you are studying will help you focus on the task at hand.