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Desert Sunset Jasper, Small Bag 3 Pieces

Desert Sunset Jasper, Small Bag 3 Pieces

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Dessert Sunset Jasper, is believed to bring good fortune and stabilize one's own personal energy with help in grounding oneself. It is also believed to be a crystal of gentleness, relaxation and contentment. It is said to help with compassion and nurturing, helping to enhance tranquility, comfort and healing.

Properties for Stone: Desert Sunset Jasper
Primary Chakra: 
Secondary Chakra: 
Crystal System: Trigonal
Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide with various inclusions/impurities
Astrological Sign: Leo
Numerical Vibration: 6
Hardness: 7
Color:  red, brown or yellow 
Location:  Norcross-Madagascar
Rarity: Common
Pronunciation: N/A
Mineral Class: Silicates
Issues and Ailments (Physical): calmness
Issues and Ailments (Emotional): compassion, nurturing 
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual): Protection, Balance, Creativity


For informational Purposes only. This is not to treat any illnesses.