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Eleggua Cologne

Eleggua Cologne

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He opens roads and doors to success. He is the messenger of god who sees the truth and brings justice to any cause or problem. He will get for you, what you want and deserve - from anyone. He is a great healer who sees all and his spells are impossible to destroy. He is a powerful force whose patron saint is St. Anthony - the miracle worker, master of finances, and he who finds and returns lost or stolen items.

Use these necklaces to summon the powerful divine energy within you - so that you may achieve all your goals - while fulfilling your destiny in terms of success and personal satisfaction. Instructions will be included. Wear for Power!


We open each ceremony with homage to Elegua.

We offer a libation of water,

and say a simple prayer to him:

"Omi Tutu, Ana Tutu,

Tutu Ile,

Tutu Laroye"

Elegua opens the doors to all endeavors.

He is the guardian of the Crossroads

and the messenger to God.

Elegua especially loves children.

Also known as the Trickster, Elegua must never be

ignored, are opened with

prayers and songs to him.

Elegua's numbers are 3 and 21

His day is Monday.

His colors are black and red.

Offerings to Elegua include:

candy, cigars and rum