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Luck Stone Bag

Luck Stone Bag

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Your luck stone bag comes with 3 stones all in a green velvet pouch. 

1) African Turquoise is a powerful stone for good luck that fosters change from within. Called the “Stone of Evolution,” it pushes you to grow and mature with the changing tides. Instead of holding onto energy that no longer serves you, the stone helps you let go so that you can move on.

2) Green Aventurine a stone of prosperity that helps you create your own good luck. It does this by changing how you think and altering your approach to all of life’s challenges. The stone tackles old wounds and self-destructive thoughts that hold you back.

3) Amethyst is a crystal for good luck, change, and understanding. A powerful emotional healer, it does much more than wipe away bad energy at the surface level. It facilitates deep dives into your darkest emotional wells, pushing you to learn from all your past experiences.