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Ancestor Offering Bag

Ancestor Offering Bag

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A simple way to start connecting to ancestors is to create a space in your home for “Honoring our Ancestors Area”. It can be a shelf, dresser, table, or other surface where you can add items that represent your ancestors. You can keep this as a permanent space or put it together on special occasions.

Our ancestor offering bag includes a Bay leaf, Marigold, Orange slice, Rose, Rosemary, cinnamon and Star Anise as well as a tumbled Amethyst piece.

Ideal for altars, ceremonies, and remembrances, and simmer pot opens our hearts to remembering those we’ve lost and honors our connections.

 Bay is believed to attract and honor the presence of departed loved ones during rituals and ceremonies. They serve as a means of communication with the spiritual realm, allowing individuals to seek guidance, protection, and blessings from their ancestors.

Marigolds are used in rituals and ceremonies to honor ancestors and guide their spirits to the afterlife.

Orange abundance, happiness, and positive energy.

Rose gratitude, admiration, appreciation and love

Rosemary is for remembrance.

Star Anise used to invoke ancestors.

Cinnamon’s magical properties include protection, money, strength, love, amplification, divination and connection to the ancestors and the spirit world.

Amethyst is a powerful intuition and psychic ability crystal. It aids in opening the third eye and increases prophetic dreams. When our third eye is opened, our ancestors speak to us through our dreams, thoughts, and visions. Keep it by the bed, in a dream pillow or spell bag, or hold it during ancestral meditations.