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Grief Stone Bag

Grief Stone Bag

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Grief is a very individual experience. There’s no one stage that’s universally considered to be the hardest to endure. The toughest stage of grief varies from person to person and even from situation to situation. Grief is different for every person. There’s no exact time frame to adhere to. You may remain in one of the stages of grief for months but skip other stages entirely. This is typical. It takes time to go through the grieving process. Not everyone goes through the stages of grief in a linear way. You may have ups and downs and go from one stage to another, then circle back. Additionally, not everyone will experience all stages of grief, and you may not go through them in order. For example, you may begin coping with loss in the bargaining stage and find yourself in anger or denial next.

 1) Denial

Denial is the first stage of grief. The best crystal for this stage is Rhodonite. This beautiful pink gemstone can help calm overwhelming feelings and encourage you to move forward. In this stage, we take the time to adjust to how things are now going to be. Rhodonite’s gentle vibrations can help you adjust to your new circumstances at your pace.

2) Anger

Anger is a necessary stage of grief, as it helps go through the process and dissipates over time. It is not healthy to suppress your feelings of anger because it brings you to reality. Smoky Quartz is the perfect crystal for this stage. It helps relieve feelings of anger and anxiety. It brings emotional calmness and gives you clarity of mind.

3) Bargaining

This is the stage where we try to make compromises. This is a typical sign that you can’t let go and accept what’s happening to you. You are so desperate to turn things back to how they were, that you convince yourself that you can avoid grief through some type of negotiation. During this stage, you can use Rose Quartz to encourage feelings of self-love. You can also use it as a reminder to put yourself first.

4) Depression

Depression is very common during the grieving process. We feel empty and start to realize what we have lost. In this stage, you feel numb, lose interest in life, and want to stay alone. Black Onyx is great for lifting feelings of sadness and depression. They protect you from negative energies and help soothe negative feelings. They also provide support and bring the comfort and clarity you need to finally accept the situation.

5) Acceptance

 It is when you finally come to terms with what happened and move forward. In this stage, your emotions begin to stabilize and negative feelings start to dissipate. To get through this stage, you can use Moonstone, which is the stone for new beginnings. By soothing emotional instability, Moonstone teaches you to appreciate fresh starts.