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Yemaya 7 Day Candle

Yemaya 7 Day Candle

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She is the goddess of the Waters who brings in Abundance, Prosperity & Good Luck. She is irresistible to others; so if you want to be so, then follow her. She brings riches and with her help, All things are possible for you! Her patron saint is Our Lady of Regla- strong, powerful & indestructible. You will be protected always, if you follow her.

Use these necklaces to summon the powerful divine energy within you - so that you may achieve all your goals - while fulfilling your destiny in terms of success and personal satisfaction. Instructions will be included. Wear for Power!


Yemaya is the Orisha of the oceans and seas.

African slaves were brought on ships across the ocean to the New World.

They gave thanks to Yemaya for making the crossing alive.

Wemba pays tribute to Yemaya in a performance called, "The Middle Passage".

click on thumbnail to see photo full-size Like the ocean Yemaya can be calm or turbulent.

The oceans gave birth to life as we know it, and Yemaya is called, "The Mother of the Orishas".

Her Spiritual Principle:

motherhood, the birth of life on earth

Element - ocean/salt water

(For the Yoruba - the Ogun River)

Colors - blue and white, blue and crystal

Feast Day - September 7th

Day of the week - Saturday

Her Number - 7

Her animals are: ducks, sea birds, & goats,

Her foods are: watermelon, molasses,

black eyed-peas and fried pork rinds

Emblems - fan, sea-shells, and her ornaments

are made of silver.