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Red Tiger Eye Worry/Thumb Stone

Red Tiger Eye Worry/Thumb Stone

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Each stone is approx. 1.5-2”.

A worry stone is a small, smooth crystal or gemstone. It’s often shaped like an oval with a thumb-shaped indention.

Worry stones fit perfectly between the thumb and index finger. The gentle motion of massaging one’s thumb back and forth across the stone provides a physical touchpoint that can bring therapeutic and psychological benefits.

The therapeutic use of worry stones dates back to ancient Greece, Tibet, Mesopotamia, North America, and Ireland. Much like how prayer beads are used, the action of rubbing a stone and holding positive thoughts and intentions can help deal with anxiety or aid in prayer or meditation.

Using a worry stone for kids and adults can support healthy self-soothing exercises to help replace negative and counterintuitive comforting habits like pulling your hair, biting your lips or nails, or picking a scab.