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Tiger's Eye (Red), Tumbled

Tiger's Eye (Red), Tumbled

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Red Tiger Eye

Red Tiger Eye (Tiger's Eye, Tigereye) is a stimulating stone and can support motivation and a more active sex drive. Use Red Tiger Eye with the Root Chakra to ground sexual ideas into the physical world, or to resolve sexual issues that are causing problems in a relationship. Its focus on the lower chakras is what gives red Tiger Eye the power to send higher energies through the organs of the lower half of the body.

Red Tiger Eye aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation to the non-motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic.

While all forms of Tiger Eye help to raise vibrations, they also connect these energies to the lower Chakras in balance, which keeps one from feeling disconnected when working with higher goals. Carry Red Tiger Eye in your pocket when you want to add vitality and passion to any project you’re working on. Red Tiger Eye can enhance balance within one's energy field, and allows one to open up to unconditional love.

Physical and Metaphysical Properties for
Properties for Stone: Red Tiger Eye
Primary Chakra: Root-Chakra
Crystal System: Trigonal-Crystal-System
Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide
Astrological Sign: Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus
Numerical Vibration: Number-4, Number-5
Hardness: 7-Hardness
Color: Red
Location: Brazil, Canada, India, Namibia
Rarity: Common
Pronunciation: Red TIE-gur eye
Mineral Class: Silicates
Issues and Ailments (Physical): Anemia, Blood-Disorders, Eye-Infections, Night-Vision, Sexual-Disfunction, Strength, Vitality
Issues and Ailments (Emotional): Calming, Enthusiasm, Motivation, Self-Confidence
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual): Clarity