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Blue Sage Bundle

Blue Sage Bundle

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Blue Sage Benefits
What is blue sage used for? 

Providing a Relaxed Atmosphere
A home is more inviting and cozier when you smoke cleanse. The scent produced by blue sage allows the atmosphere to have that relaxing effect.

Among the many blue sage uses is relaxation. When you burn the sage in your house, the atmosphere will be filled with peace and tranquility. In such an environment, you are not overpowered by your problems, and you can kick back and simply relax.

It is known that practitioners will often go for blue sage to create an uplifting and calm atmosphere. Blue sage makes it possible for you to focus on your inner tranquility and connect with your inner self.

White Sage Alternative
For most people, white sage is the way to go when it comes to smoke cleansing. The problem, however, is that you might not have white sage, or might want to try another option. That’s where blue sage comes in. To be honest, there are several plants that you can use as a substitute.

This type of sage is a South American native whose flowers and leaves have been part of traditional medicine for a long time. Some of the blue sage benefits include antibacterial and antifungal properties. White sage might be more potent but blue sage is an amazing choice.

Spiritual Protection
What about blue sage spiritual meaning? When performing rituals, it is common for people to find a sort of spiritual protection. In most cases, it is achieved through the burning sage. Burning blue sage offers you the same spiritual protection you need for spiritual practices.

It helps you stay positive and have inner peace.

Cleansing Negative Energy
More often than not, you will feel negative energy around you. You can tell its presence even in the way things happen around you. Many people believe that the negative energy around you might affect things negatively around you. It is therefore important that you eradicate that energy.

You can cleanse the energy in your environment in several ways. One of the most popular blue sage benefits is cleansing.

Whenever you feel like there is negative energy around you, you can simply use blue sage for smoke cleansing. It is known that blue sage will not only get rid of the negative energy but also attract positive energy around you.

Improve Focus and Mindfulness
Most people in the world have a problem with focus, mainly because we find ourselves handling multiple things at the same time. You might have a family, some social connections, as well as work, all of which require your attention.

It would be great if you would easily relax and focus on your current task or activity. With the help of blue sage, you can easily calm down, quiet down and live in the moment. The fact is most people would love to live in such a manner. But you can simply achieve that by burning some blue sage.

Attract Success and Money
More often than not, you will find yourself in need of some sort of boost to achieve the level of success you desire. You can acquire it with ease with the help of some blue sage.

To attract wealth and success, you can use blue sage in a couple of ways. The most obvious one is burning it. However, you can put it inside a jar around your space, or simply put it on you as an amulet.

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