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Specularite (1)

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Specularite also goes by the names specular hematite, specular iron, gray hematite, Specularite hematite, Micaceous hematite rock, and Specular haematite.

This specular hematite is a black or gray variety with metallic luster remarked by resembling a night sky.

As one of the variations of hematite, specularite has a chemical formula of Fe2O3, it has astonishing physical properties like 

Specular hematite has a tight astrological association with the Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn, and Virgo zodiac signs.

These gray variety crystals can be found worldwide with forms reflecting light, mica

mineral with iron properties. These can be mined in England, Canada, Italy, Venezuela, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, and the USA.

The hardness of specularite in the Mohs scale score is 5.5 to 6.5, and the specific gravity of 5-5.3.

Specularite is a common mineral, a dense, metallic-looking form of iron oxide with mica. 

It is commonly found as opaque flat, reflective sheets of tabular shapes in silver metallic, gray, red, and black colors.

Hematite is widely available on Earth’s surface ground soil, and rocks occur near ilmenite.

Specular hematite is found in many locations around the world and is typically formed as a result of sedimentary processes or hydrothermal activity. 

The discovery of hematite dates back to prehistoric times, as early humans used hematite for making tools, weapons, and decorative objects.

The mineral was named “hematite” and dated back to the 17th century. Obtained from the Greek word “haima” which means “blood,” due to its reddish color when powdered down.

Tiny, flat crystal plates cause the reflective, mirror-like appearance of specular hematite within the mineral.

Hematite mineral has been used for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations used it for a variety of purposes, such as jewelry, a powerful talisman, and a color pigment.

It is a great source of iron and is typically used as a color pigment used in ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

Grounding, Anxiety, Balance, Bravery, Channeling, Circulatory, System, Communication, Creativity, Electronic, Smog, Empowerment, Energy, Enthusiasm, Envy, Good Fortune, Guidance, Harmony, Inner Peace, Insomnia, Knowledge, Longevity, Manifestation, Memory, Nervous System, Opportunities, Past Life, Protection, Psychic Ability, Self-Confidence, Skeletal System, Spiritual Development, Stability, Stress, and Wisdom
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