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5" Obatala Statue

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He is known as the King of White Cloth, as he stands for Peace, Purity, Cleansing (removal of all negative forces and energy). His patron saint is Our Lady of Mercy - who brings help to the poor & sick and wisdom & knowledge to the needy.

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Obatala is called "The Owner of All Heads"

and "The King of the White Cloth".

He represents coolness of thought, wisdom, and clarity.

Obatala fashioned the bodies of mankind.

He is also the special guardian of those people who

suffer from mental illness, birth defects,

drug addiction, and alcoholism.

Obatala's color is white,

and his ornaments are made of silver.

His number is 8

His feast day is celebrated on September 24th.

Some of the animals associated with Obatala are:

the elephant and the snail