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Apatite, Blue

Apatite, Blue

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Blue Apatite energetically acts as a hunger suppressant. Simply wear or carry a piece with you throughout the day. Blue Apatite also eliminates blockages and returns the body to balance. Blue Apatite can cleanse the aura of cluttered energies, bringing a renewed sensation to the body. Blue Apatite is a good stone to help balance the chakras, as well as the energies of Yin and Yang.

Blue Apatite enhances manifestation of ideas to reality and facilitates getting results. It has traditionally been associated with humanitarian efforts and teaching. Blue Apatite is also known for bringing clarity of mind and expansion of insights, and is especially helpful when diligent study is needed to uncover the truth.

Blue Apatite enhances communication and self-expression on all levels, making this a great stone for teachers. Blue Apatite encourages openness and ease in social situations, a quality that makes it especially useful for autistic children. Blue Apatite acts as a good balancer of energies, emotions, chakras, and subtle bodies, as well as the male and female aspects of the self.

Blue Apatite can help to effectively work within the dream state to form solutions to perplexing problems. Those who are overemotional can benefit from Apatite's ability to highlight logical solutions and induce calm states of mind.

Blue Apatite can help to develop psychic gifts and connect the user to higher levels of spiritual guidance. Use Blue Apatite to deepen and maintain focus in meditation. Blue Apatite can also initiate, stimulate, and/or increase the development of psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Used at a physical level, Blue Apatite will focus healing energy on the body's systems, glands, meridians and organs.

Properties for Stone: Blue Apatite
Primary Chakra: Throat-Chakra
Secondary Chakra: Third-Eye-Chakra
Crystal System: Hexagonal-Crystal-System
Chemical Composition: Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl), Calcium (Fluoro, Chloro, Hydroxyl) Phosphate
Astrological Sign: Gemini, Libra
Numerical Vibration: Number-9
Hardness: 5-Hardness
Color: Blue
Location: Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Russia
Rarity: Common
Pronunciation: ap-uh-tahyt
Mineral Class: Phosphates
Issues and Ailments (Physical): mental-clarity, Public-Speaking, Reduce-Weight, Stutter, Stuttering, Vertigo, Weight-Loss
Issues and Ailments (Emotional): Peace
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual): Clairvoyance, Clarity, Vision-Quest