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Earth Element

Earth is the element traditionally placed at the North.

North represents Winter.

Earth represents midnight

Day(s): Thursday, Saturday

Earth Elemental(s): Gnomes.

Magical tool(s): The pentagram.

Tarot: The Suit of Discs or Pentagrams, The Empress, The Chariot, 
The Wheel of Fortune, The Hermit, Judgment, and The World.

The astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn,

The Planet(s): Venus and Jupiter.

The Archangel of the North and the Earth: Uriel.

Runes: Fehu, Wunjo, Jera, Berkano, Mannaz, and Othala.

Herbs Associated with the Element Earth

Alfalfa  Barley  Beet  Bistort  Buckwheat  Corn
Cotton  Cypress  Fern  Fumitory  Honeysuckle  Horehound
Horsetail  Loosestrife  Magnolia  Mugwort  Oats  Oleander
Patchouli  Pea  Potato  Primrose  Quince  Rhubarb  Rye  Sage  Sagebrush
Sorrel  Wood  Tulip  Turnip  Vervain  Vetivert  Wheat

Gems and Stones Associated with the Element of Earth

Aventurine  Angelite  Azurite  Celestite
Agate, green  Agate, moss  Alum  Aventurine
Cat's Eye  Crysophase  Coal  Emerald
Geodes  Jaspar  Jet  Obsidian
Olivine  Onyx  Peridot  Stalagmite
Stalactite  Tourmaline, black  Tourmaline, green

Creatures Associated with Earth

Cows and Bulls, Stags and Does, Buffalo, Moose, 
Antelope, Goats, Sheep, Boars, Wolves, 
Rabbits, Squirrels and Chipmunks, Gophers, Groundhogs, Badgers,
Centipedes, Termites, Worms, Woodbugs,
Earth Dragons, Gnomes, Dwarves