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Fire Element

Fire is associated with the South.

Fire is associated with Summer.

Fire is associated with noon.   

Day(s): Sunday and Tuesday.

Fire Elemental(s): Salamanders.

Magical tool(s): The Wand.

Tarot: The suit of wands, The Emperor, Strength, The Devil, The Tower, and The Sun.

The astrological sign(s): Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

The Planet(s): Sun and Mars.

The Archangel of the South and Fire: Michael.                

Runes: Thurisaz, Kenaz, Naudhiz, Sowilo, and Ingwaz

Herbs Associated with Fire

Alder  Allspice  Amaranth  Angelica  Asafoetida  Ash  Basil  Bay Wood

Betony  Blood Root  Cactus  Carnation  Carrot  Cashew

Cat Tail  Cedar  Centaury  Chili  Crysanthemum  Cinnamon  Cinquefoil  Clove

Copal  Coriander  Cubeb  Cumin  Curry  Damiana  Dragon's Blood

Frankincense  Galangal  Garlic  Gentian  Ginger  Ginseng

Goldenseal  Gorse  Hawthorn  High John the Conqueror

Holly  Horse Chestnut  Hound’s tongue  Juniper  Leek  Lovage

Mandrake  Marigold  Masterwort  May Apple  Mullein

Mustard  Nutmeg  Oak  Olive  Onion  Orange  Pennyroyal      

Pepper  Peppermint  Pimento  Pineapple  Poke Root  Pomegranate

Prickly Ash  Radish  Rosemary  Rowan  Rue  Saffron

St John's Wort  Sarasparilla  Sassafras  Sesame  Shallot  Snapdragon

Sunflower  Tangerine  Tea  Thistle  Milk Thistle  Holy Thistle

Ti  Toadflax  Tobacco  Tormentil  Venus Flytrap  Walnut

Witch Hazel  Woodruff  Wormwood  Yarrow  Yucca

Gems and Stones Associated with Fire

Agate, fire  Agate, red  Amber  Apache Tear

Asbestos  Bloodstone  Carnelian  Citrine

Flint  Garnet  Hematite  Iron

Jaspar, red  Lava  Red Calcite  Ruby

Sardonyx  Sulfur  Sunstone  Tiger's Eye

Topaz  Zircon   


Creatures Associated with Fire

 Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Panthers, Housecats,
Snakes, Lizards, Scorpions,
Fire Dragons, The Phoenix