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Folk Names: Mexican Damiana
Gender: Masculine Planet: Mars  Element: Fire
Astrological Primary: Aries, Scorpio
Astrological Secondary: Leo, Sagittarius 
Goddesses: Artemis, Diana
Gods: Ganesha, Kurma, Shu, Vishnu, Zeus
Powers: Love, Lust, Visions

Magical: Damiana is used in lust infusions as well as lust spells. It is also burned to produce visions. An infusion of Damiana can be used as a simple lust potion. Smoking Damiana reportedly acts on the body as a mild euphoric. 

Medicinal: Served as tea for a general tonic. A decoction of 1 oz in q quart of water is reduced by boiling to 1 pint. Strain and serve in 4-oz doses as a stimulant of the reproductive organs. 

Parts Used: Leaves